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Don't let the stifling heat of a Charlotte summer catch you by surprise because your ac unit couldn't handle the heat, nor let the brutal cold of a Charlotte winter overwhelm your furnace or other heating system.

Healthy Home Heating & Air will keep you informed and educated about your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump so you can maintain a healthy climate in your home or place of business.

5 Top Benefits Of Duct Cleaning

Charlotte NC Duct CleaningOne fact that can't be argued with is that any contaminants inside the ducts, whether it's allergens or something worse, get blown into the home by the air flowing through the HVAC system. The constant circulation keeps drawing the dust back through the system [...]

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3 Common Heating Problems & How To Solve Them

Charlotte NC HeatingAre you having some heating problems in your home? Nobody likes to deal with heating problems. As heating contractors in Charlotte, we have found that there are some common heating problems that we most often find. Fortunately, some issues are relatively simple to solve [...]

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3 Reasons To Get A Professional AC Tune Up Before The Summer Ends

Charlotte A/C Tune UpWith the hot summer months more than halfway over, and fall right around the corner, many local homeowners are starting to look forward to a bit of relief from the scorching summer heat, cooler nights, pumpkin spice [...]

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Importance of Addressing Charlotte Furnace Repairs

Furnace Repairs & InspectionWith the responsibility of owning a home comes the need to take care of Charlotte furnace repairs. It may not be at the top of your list of things you feel like thinking about but it will come in handy when winter rolls in [...]

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Heating Repairs – Why You Should Have a Pro on Your Side

Heating Repair Pro charlotte, NCNot sure if you really need a Charlotte heating repair specialist working for you right now? Then think about when is the right time to find one. The last thing you want to do is wait for something to breaks[...]

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Importance of Charlotte Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor Air Quality babyWhen it comes to thinking about your Charlotte indoor air quality you may not even give it a second thought. You're not alone, the average homeowner doesn’t. That is until they begin to notice [...]

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